Your Virtual Rails Client Training by Raymond Cudjoe

Your Virtual Rails Client Training

Yes, you can "model" the pros, build a strong portfolio and finally stop getting underpaid for your skills and knowledge.

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Inside, I’ll show you how to ship useful software from scratch using your chosen Ruby and Rails stack, user stories and test cases written in RSPEC.

Here’s just a sample of the Ruby and Rails topics, concepts and techniques that’ll be printed into your mind’s eye and become natural-habits for you after you complete this first-of-its-kind training…

  • Follow the “Ruby Style” and Rails conventions to write better code
  • Use best practices and write code that looks professional, and is easily maintainable
  • Know the relationship between MVC components and how they work
  • Easily create queries involving multiple models and third-party libraries
  • Quickly debug errors, messages and then easily fix your own Ruby and Rails code
  • Choose the right Ruby gems and tools for your Ruby and Rails apps, in every situation
  • Create a routine that’ll help you keep up with all the new updates to Ruby and Rails
  • Setup and write automated tests with RSPEC and prioritize features to develop
  • Setup your production servers and deploy to Heroku, Digital Ocean or AWS
  • And many more just-in-time Ruby and Rails topics, concepts and techniques…

If you give me 1 hour per day for 90 days inside Your Virtual Rails Client Training, I’ll give you the unfair advantage and confidence you also need to create a remarkable career in software development with Ruby and Rails 5.

Here’s EVERYTHING YOU’LL GET when you pay your tuition and enroll today…

What's included?

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The SaaS Developer's Library
33+ Ruby and Rails 5 Gems For Elite Web Developers
Just-In-Time Private Email Coaching
Got a burning Ruby and Rails question?
Got a burning product or career question?
The "Trust-Velocity" Vault – Foundations
Don't Confuse Quantity With Quality
5 mins
Massive Traffic Made Easy
8 mins
Siphon Visitors From Social Media
7 mins
Have Cash, Will Traffic
6 mins
Get Your Buzz On
10 mins
Optimizing Existing Traffic
6 mins
Turning Words Into Traffic And Cash
7 mins
Getting Traffic By Getting Involved
7 mins
Are You Overlooking A Great Traffic Source?
6 mins
Super-Charging Your Promos
6 mins
The "Trust-Velocity" Vault – Advanced
The Shotgun Approach To Marketing
10 mins
How To Rent Space In Your Prospect's Head
14 mins
Getting Sneezers To Infect Your Niche
8 mins
Leveraging Other People's Best Assets
13 mins
JV Deals Done Right
11 mins
Mobilizing Your Affiliate Army
11 mins
Turn Lukewarm Viral Campaigns Into Wildfires
10 mins
Get Other People To Pay You And Send Traffic
10 mins
The #1 Way To Maximize Your Traffic And Sales
8 mins
Capturing Traffic
6 mins
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Let's make your SaaS app eat competitors' lunch with less code and FOSS marketing.